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Service Offerings

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Service Offerings

GPS Tracking Device Installation

  • Electronic Log installations and repairs

  • PTO integration with patented UPV Module

  • Fuel level and temperature monitoring for reefers

  • GPS Navigations Screens

  • Front and Rear Facing Cameras 

  • Diagnostic integrating

Car Audio / Visual

  • Radio

  • 2 way radios

  • Remote Starters

  • Upgraded Speaker Systems and Amps

  • Reverse Camera Installation

  • Touch screen deck installation


Fleet Electrical Systems Servicing 

  • On site vehicle maintenance

  • Diagnostics and Repair

Aerodynamic Products

  • Trailer Tail installation

  • Diagnostics and Repair

  • Trailer skirt installation

Safety Systems

  • Obstacle Detection

  • Collision Avoidance Sensors / Cameras

  • Hands Free Bluetooth

  • Driver Behavior systems

  • Auto Tire Inflation and Monitoring

Fleet Products

  • Light Bar installations

  • Siren installations

  • Security systems

  • WiFi hotspots

  • Laptop and cradle mounts

  • Ram Mounts and Lock Boxes

  • Back-up Cameras

  • Decal Application / Removal

  • Interior repair


  • HID and LED lighting

  • Heated seats 

  • Corrosion protection for exterior electrical wiring

  • Auxiliary Power Integration

We can help your next deployment

Project Management

Project Management

MEAUS LTD employs not only extensively qualified technicians, but the latest and greatest technological assistance available.  When you are ready to deploy a fleet-wide solution, we are here to help every step of the way. From simple strategy consultations to a turn-key experience, we have the ability to fulfill all requests, no matter the size or complexity.


Our dynamic approach involves using past projects to innovate new procedures to better serve our clients.  If some of the issues facing your roll-out include strict time constraints, heavy compliance regulations, remotely garaged assets, functionality issues, involved collaboration from multiple vendors, or unconventional work environments, our recent endeavors have allowed us to perfect solutions to overcome these obstacles.  We have completed fleets of 3,000 assets in six weeks with less than a week's lead time spread over 25,000 KMs, and coordinated the implementation of 90,000 assets to the high standards of our premium clients.


Full Insurance

MEAUS LTD provides insurance coverage for all states, cities, sites, and vehicles our technicians work in. We offer full insurance coverage both on site and afterwards to ensure clients property is protected.

  • Limit of liability $20,000,000

  • Products Liability, in aggregate $20,000,000

  • Property in your physical and legal control $100,000

Feel free to request a copy of our policy at your leisure.

North America Coverage

To learn how we can help with your North American based deployment, email us at or visit our website at



Our Warranty

We offer a one year warranty on all workmanship. So you can count on our workmanship and rest assured your assets are safe. Our quality and commitment to total customer satisfaction is unparalleled.



Choose us today

​MEAUS LTD holds a wealth of experience composed from completing some of the toughest implementations in the world.  Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction, and we always deliver.  We have properly navigated through complications on projects from all sectors of the transportation industry. We work with all parties involved to eliminate any issues that will cause you or your client to lose time and money.​

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