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The worlds first universal solution to monitoring multiplex systems


Universal Programmable Voltage Module

Our patented UPV Module Converts Multiplex Signals into Analogue signals so you can see when your fleet is operating a number of functions including:


  • Know when your Gas truck is pumping fuel

  • Keep track of where your dump trucks are unloading

  • Know when your tow trucks pick up a load

Salt Spreaders

  • Keep track of where your fleet has already been and optimize your asset

Agricultural Sprayer

  • Monitor when and where you are spraying

4X4 Transfer Case Position

  • Monitor when your trucks are using 4x4 

Snow Plows

  • Know when your plow is down and don't waste time hitting the same route twice


  • Know when your team is on site and working

Sirens and Lightbars

  • Know when one of your vehicles is on site or on route to an emergency

Seat belts

  • Increase your teams safety and ensure everyone is buckled up

Boom trucks

  • Monitor and save those tax dollars when working

Side loaders on waste disposal vehicles

  • Know how many times your fleet picked up a load

  • The only Multiplex to Analog converter on the market

  • Easiest Multiplex integration available

  • Works with 12 and 24 Volt charging systems

With vehicle manufactures steadily transitioning from analog to multiplex systems, the demand for monitoring multiplex components is constantly increasing. 

With our UPV (Universal Programmable Voltage Module), Telematics companies can now monitor all multiplex circuits.

Mobile Electronics Inc’s executive team has daily meetings ensuring we are aware of the newest technology and practices in the industry. We take weekly direct feedback from our technicians and clients in Canada and Australia. We not only address each gap of compatibility, but work directly with some of the industry's greatest hardware engineers to solve problems and create products that can help fleets gather more data and see a higher ROI when tracking their vehicles.


Your ROI percentage is guaranteed to increase! With the added ability to monitor otherwise useless signals, the UPV Mod will bring refunds you never knew you were entitled to.

  • A New York customer who monitored his PTO usage discovered he could use the Fuel Tax Reimbursement clause to get back $1,363.35 on his yearly purchase of 3000 gallons of diesel fuel.

  • An Illinois customer who uses construction equipment off-road was able to easily monitor his fuel usage on 5000 gallons of diesel fuel and got refunded $3047.66!

  • In California, an ambulance that used 4,200 gallons of gasoline got a refund of $1998.22.

Our patented product is almost ready to release for sales. If you wish to inquire more about the UPV Module, feel free to contact us for installation documentation and cost savings analysis.

What is Multiplexing?

What is Multiplexing?

What is Multiplexing?

Simply put, multiplexing is a way of connecting and controlling many electrical components efficiently. It was developed to reduce the number of connections required to communicate with each component.  It is achieved by sending multiple signals (or commands) across the same wire with a receiver on the other end that determines what that signal means.


For example, many newer Power Take-off (PTO) systems use multiplex circuits to reduce the amount of connections required to control your idle speed, and other necessary changes to engage or disengage your vehicle’s PTO.

How Multiplexing matters to your business

While multiplexing is a great solution in some ways, it creates difficulty when trying to use telematics devices to monitor the use of components controlled through multiplexed circuits. Let’s say you want to know when an (EMS) Emergency Response Vehicle’s lights or sirens are activated, you will discover there is a multiplex circuit controlling it.  


Maybe you just want a strobe light wired up to turn on any time one of your refuse trucks are picking up a garbage can. While there are many functions of the joystick, if you look on the underside of it, you will not find one wire per function.

Previous to the release of the UPV Module, the only way to possibly integrate with components controlled in this type of network was to find an analog trigger, or install a sensor that could supply an analog trigger.

Why use our solution?

Increase Safety

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t risk equipment failure with catastrophic outcomes by cutting corners to make unsafe or unapproved connections. Go with the UPV, a solution that has been developed by engineers for your specific scenario.


Reduce Cost

When compared to paying hourly labor for a mechanic to install special hydraulic or pneumatic valves, or running wires from the opposite end of your equipment into the cab, our UPV Mod pays for itself within the first hour of having a mechanic on-site.


The irony of a faulty or unapproved installation voiding the warranty on the new equipment you are trying to monitor and protect is also quite difficult to ignore. Many solutions that are employed “on the fly” can result in just that. You are left with a high repair cost to a very specialized system that would have otherwise been covered by the manufacturer.

Reduce vehicle Downtime

Our solution reduces overall install time by enabling you to connect within the cab for most applications. This helps retain the integrity of the install as well, so your vehicle will get back on the job faster, and stay there.

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