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Meet our team


Brad Norrie is the General Manager with Mobile Electronics Australia. Brad had worked in the auto electrical industry before MEI installing Car audio, Remote starts other auto accessories.  Brad joined MEI in January of 2016 as an installer and then moved into an office role in the Australian division in July of 2018.


His experience working in the field as well as being in the industry for many years working directly with other technicians and the customer creates a great customer experience. Brad believes in putting customer service first. 


Brad specializes in customer relations, technical support for installers in addition to making sure day to day operations run smoothly,


Outside of work, Brad likes hanging out with friends, snowboarding, golfing and fishing. He also loves going on road trips and working on his car.

Brad Norrie

General Manager

Elke Franceschilli

Field Service Coordinator

With a wealth of experience in the telematics scheduling field, Elke brings a deep understanding of optimizing service operations. Whether it’s coordinating technician schedules or ensuring top-notch customer service, Elke thrives on achieving the best outcomes.

Elke firmly believes that “A job half done is as good as none.” This commitment to excellence drives their work every day, and their meticulous attention to detail ensures seamless execution, benefiting both customers and our skilled technicians.

Outside of work, Elke embraces family life. They love whipping up delicious treats for their loved ones and relish lively games nights filled with banter. Camping adventures and road trips with their husband and their enthusiastic pooches complete their ideal weekends.


John Warnock

President, MEI Group

John has worked side by side with Brad for many years, across the Australian and North American operations. This well developed working relationship has been perfected over the past 10 years to highlight his extensive electrical knowledge and extreme attention to detail. John’s secondary role providing installation support compliments his primary role which is managing large installation deployments. The ASE backed autotech courses, 5 years of car audio and 4 years in fleet deployments have allowed John to become certified under the MECP program, and develop his project implementation and staff / labour utilization management skills well. 


Outside of work, John loves to customize vehicles, lift weights, and listen to music.

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